Get Ready to Rumble! Here is one for the adults who have never grown up. Perfect for an 18th, 21st, 30th, or any party, the Challenger Bouncy Boxing Castle is an oversized, inflatable boxing ring that includes oversized boxing gloves and protective headgear. Imagine what it would be like to step into the ring with your mate and go 12 rounds without all the bumps and bruises. Imagine no more. Hire it now and become the champion!

This is truly a very enjoyable experience for both challengers and those watching through the netted safety windows at ringside. Finally there is something for the adults. Best of all, the Boxing Bouncy Castle is also suitable for teens and children.

Why not hire this as a normal jumping castle without gloves and headgear if challenging your mate is not your style? With everyone bouncing around inside, this is a very fun castle that’s sure to make your Gold Coast event a unique one.

Pumpin Jumpin Castles provides delivery, set up, pack up and take away on all of our Gold Coast Jumping Castle Hires. On the day of delivery we will spend time explaining the safety precautions/rules and instruct you on the set up and operation of the device.

Pumpin Jumpin Castle hire is a fully insured business. This gives piece of mind to our clients and also to us as the owners.

At Pumpin Jumpin Castles we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality and safest jumping castles to our clients. The craftsmanship and design are of the highest standards going well beyond industry expectations.

If you want to hire one of our bouncy castles or would like some more information, contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with any assistance you may need in booking your castle!

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